The dried up creek

A similar deal to the big ol’ hole in the ground, this painting is a mixture of painting over a bunch of smooshed together pieces cut out from photographs and some painting from scratch. You’ll probably see a few more of these pop out close together since it’s a method I really want to get a handle on.

It’s also really nice to be able to let go of the feeling that I should be noodling in details on everything I do.


A big ol’ hole in the ground

So I know I have a tendency to get too caught up in details too quickly. I also know that even though I have an interest in the concept art portion of the art spectrum that I am often quick to dismiss techniques that can speed up my workflow and still result in a painting that does what it needs to.

The below painting is about 3 or 4 hours investment of time, a combination photo-montage, paint-overs and hand  painting. If I could change things I (of course) would, but I’m happy with the colours I used and I’m happy with the fact that in one evening I churned out a painting that depicts the scene and tone I wanted it to.

Target 3

Machine Gun Willy

Double Dragon was, and still is, a rad game. I love this dude, there was somehow so much character packed into a tiny sprite and a three word name. Not to mention the bold choice of colour in his attire. It’s Willy Mackey!

This was painted for a series of articles my brother was/is planning in which bosses from classic games are revisited and re-imagined. The series hasn’t actually had anything published yet but we’ll get there. One day.


Obelisk ships approaching plains

Environment painting, this is actually the image that made me rethink emulating photography and painting in over-exposed areas (despite the fact I actually mention that in this painting).

The look that I was going for wasn’t quite achieved, although it started to come together on the right side of the painting. Occasionally it is a struggle for me to bring the level of detail and texture into an environment painting that I’d usually apply to my character paintings.


Closeup of magic club lady

So I never fully decided what class this person was playing. Lute and a flute, so maybe a bard. The club and robes feel a little more druidic? But then maybe she’s a monk.

This is a cropped detail from the Bloody Quest painting, very descriptively titled Troll Fight.